Catering / Private Parties

Impress your clients / guests with the most stunning presentation and tempting, healthy and tasty food offerings.

All our caterings are egregiously staffed by experienced waters and bartenders.

Our best selling and unique services are our Espresso Bar and Gelato Bars: we bring a barista and a master gelataio and an espresso machine to your venue, and the show is guaranteed!

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Our Story

Ours is a simple story.

We are two friends with the same name (Luca) from the same town in Tuscany (Arezzo) who met in New York by chance and decided to gift this great city with our secret – the secret of Tuscan happiness and longevity…

This is the genuine, wholesome and awesome flavors we grew up with – the simple flavor of freshly baked bread, made with organic flour and natural yeast; of warm pastries just filled with homemade jam or pistachio spread; of espresso, made with a careful selection of daily roasted, high quality beans; of salads made with the freshest seasonal ingredients; and of course of artisanal italian gelato – which makes every moment taste simply better.

Maybe in New York you can’t hear the birds chirping in your garden or your window is not overlooking the Tuscan hills like ours did when we were little, but surely you will be able to feel the wellness and the warm embrace of a true Tuscan home, at Casa Toscana.